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1. What is Hercules Fibers® D5?
Hercules Fibers® D5 is a cellulose fiber with a patented alkaline resistance coating used as secondary reinforcement in concrete.

2. Why should I use Hercules Fibers® D5?
Hercules Fibers D5 provides a superior preventive solution to plastic shrinkage cracking, which is considered a first step in the degradation of concrete. This alkali resistant cellulose fiber is invisible in concrete, enabling you to achieve aesthetically excellent surface finish of your concrete; and has been shown to enhance hydration of cement, resulting in higher strength and better freeze/thaw durability of concrete.

3. How to use Hercules Fibers® D5?
Add Hercules Fibers D5 at the beginning of the loading period with coarse aggregate and water; and allow a minimum of 4 minutes of maximum rotation speed in the truck for full fiber dispersion.

4. Where can I use Hercules Fibers® D5?
Hercules Fibers® D5 is used in all concrete that requires secondary reinforcement, improved plastic shrinkage crack control, and improved durability, such as slab on grade, highway paving, wet-mix shotcrete, curb and gutter, decorative and architectural concrete, and many others.

5. What's the dosage rate of Hercules Fibers® D5?
Hercules Fibers® D5 can be dosed between 0.45 kg/m3 and 2.4 kg/m3 depending on the application. The most commonly recommended dosage rate is 0.9 kg/m3.

6. Has Hercules Fibers® D5 been tested in independent laboratories?
Yes. Hercules Fibers® D5 has been tested in various independent laboratories and the results are available on request.